Multiple button Use in a single page

Click on the view icon and showing the one page.

There are showing more than 1 buttons like approve , reject, cancel and other one use followup button.

I want to create different -2 action and use it on button click. How to use multiple buttons.

Please help me

In general, Button functions are an HTML / JavaScript issue. What a button does is either a submit of a form, or is handled by some JavaScript on that page, or both.

Hi Sir,

Submit by form need to perform action on every button but different different.

Then you assign a different action for each button, or assign a different handler for each button push event.
If the action is to submit a form to a server, but to a different view (accessed by a URL) then you specify the action in the button’s attributes.
If the action is to be performed strictly by the browser as some kind of JavaScript activity, then the mechanics of that are going to be determined by which JavaScript framework you’re using (or not).

Thanks sir , Now implemented successfully.

sorry how could you do it, could you help me please