My Django project that shows you "What Are You Doing"

Do you think I’m ready to get a job?
WAYD shows you how you spend your time. You can login and signup to this website with your Google or GitHub account.
I used Docker, django-allauth, bootstrap, chartjs and mysql in this projcet and deployed it on djangoanywhere.
Also I wrote some tests for this web app that made coverage 99% (I don’t mean tests are complete) and “python check --deploy” didn’t show me any issue.
So I just wanna know your recommendations, suggestions or any feedback.
Thank You!

website address:
Check it out on GitHub : GitHub - mf210/WAYD: WAYD is a Django project to show "What Are You Doing"

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Thank you for sharing. I am going to take a look “under the hood” as I am planning on a plotting project for some stuff at work and I think this will save me a heap of time as inspiration and reference.

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From your config/

urlpatterns = [

I have heard that one of the main recommendations is to rename the admin pattern to anything else. Helps avoid bot attacks I think.


I’m glad that this project can help you.

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I changed the admin URL. Thank you

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