My new open source project Cryptography in Django

Hello everyone. I just released my first Open Source Django package.It is called Django-CryptographicFields.It’s use it to keep data secure in database by using cryptography in django models.
Please leave me some feedback and suggestions. If anyone wants to contribute that would be amazing and you are more than welcome. :slight_smile:

Here is the link Django-CryptographicFields

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I haven’t looked into the code too much as I have a package that solves this issue for me already, but I’d advise you to follow PEP8 for naming of functions and classes (function_name and ClassName), otherwise the API will be hard to use. Congrats on release!

Sure I will follow PEP8 for naming function & class name .Thanks for your response. Can you name package that solves this issue


I personally use this one.

I think it doesn’t allow custom query but in my project you can do custom query

Maybe, I only need encryption for very specific things, so never tried. Sounds like a good reason for your package though! Maybe list what yours does that your competitors does not?
Good luck!

Thanks for your response

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I’d also recommend publishing it to PyPi! It will make it easier for everyone to test out and use.


Ok Sure but how to do it Thanks for suggestion

Check out this guide on how to publish from GitHub.

I just uploaded my package on PYPI here it’s link