Navigation Menu: Which JS/CSS library?

I have a mptt tree and would like to use this as the navigation menu.

I am looking for a JS/CSS library to render the menu.

Since the menu tree is deep I would like to use lazy loading. looks dead. No update since two years

Roughly the same for

It looks like most JS development has moved to react based solutions like material-ui.

Up to now I am happy with the server sending html to the client and a little jquery fun.

Up to now I would like to avoid react.

How could I create a navigation menu for a huge menu tree?

We use bootstrap for our navigation menu.

I’m guessing that our menu is a lot smaller than yours - we have a total of about 200 menu entries nested to a depth of 5-deep. (Horizontal bar, vertical drop down from that, then three additional levels of menus.)

We’re also using an MPTT tree - we’re using TreeBeard for it, works well enough for us.

But we pre-generate the entire menu for a user when they log on and cache it. As a separate request, it’s then cached on the client side, so it never needs to be resent to the client for the duration of their session.

Before you worry about loading it dynamically you might want to make sure that it’s worth doing it that way. There’s a lot more space to play with on the client than you might think. (On the other hand, if the total menu size is a megabyte or so, then I can see it being worth considering.)

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Thank you very much for your answer. Caching the whole menu sounds good. Thank you.