Needing advice on structure.

I am new to learning Django and I have plans to build a gamification application. But I am stuck on how to structure/design the app. I want this to be on DRF so that in future I can leverage some automation.

What it needs to do is track two different types of “experience” points for each member each month.

Additionally, one XP score continues to accumulate until it reaches the highest available, whereas the other XP resets at each rank achievement.

The XP is tied to a “rank” and the app should know how much XP is needed in order to reach the next rank.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the scaffolding here on how to design this app. Programmatically I understand enough to plug away but I’m hoping the community here can offer some guidance.

It seems like a simple app. My other concern is that eventually I’ll want to add other features. Such as members can earn awards that also have points attached to them.

Any help would be superbly awesome.

Fundamentally, start with the models. Identify what data you need to store, and what the relationships are among that data. If your data models are an appropriate representation of your requirements, understanding the logic to support those requirements is a lot easier.

If you want, post your models here and we can offer ideas and suggestions from there.