No module found named 'django-fobi'

I am using venv and it is activated.

I have run pip install django-fobi in the terminal with venv activated.

Pip freeze does show django-fobi==0.19.4

INSTALLED_APPS has django-fobi

I deleted the old venv and rebuilt it from requirements.txt and when i do python check i still get “No module found named ‘django-fobi’”

What can i try?

Hey there!
It seems that you’re not installing the package correctly.
Review this section from the doc

Thanks, although I stated in my original post what I did and that is verbatim what was listed in the docs, I went through settings to be sure. What is most frustrating is that pip freeze does show django-fobi==0.19.4

I decided to commit to DevOps and then clone it back down to a different folder and the problem went away. I presume a file was corrupted.