NoReverseMatch at /Laptops/LenovoLaptops/

Hi ,
I am getting the above error. Please help me out on this.
Details are as follows:

    path('LaptopsPage/', views.laptops, name='LaptopsPage'),
    path('LenovoLaptops/', views.LenovoLaptopListView, name = 'LenovoLaptopLink'),
    path('Load_Lenovo_Laptops/',views.Load_More_Lenovo_Laptops, name='Load_Lenovo_Laptops'),
    path("LenovoLaptops/<str:Model_Name>/", views.Lenovo_Laptop_Details.as_view(), name='Lenovo_Laptop_Details'),```
```def LenovoLaptopListView(request):
    Lenovo_dictionary = Laptop_Feature_Columns.objects.filter(Brand='Lenovo')[0:30]
    Lenovo_Product_Count = Laptop_Feature_Columns.objects.filter(Brand='Lenovo').count()
    return render (request, 'LaptopApp/Lenovo_Laptop.html', context={'Lenovo_dictionary':Lenovo_dictionary, 'Lenovo_Product_Count':Lenovo_Product_Count})

class Lenovo_Laptop_Details(ListView):
    model = Laptop_Feature_Columns
    template_name = 'LaptopApp/Lenovo_Laptop_Details.html'
    context_object_name = 'Lenovo_Laptop_Detail_Specification'
    def get_queryset(self):
        # self.Model_Name = kwargs.get('Model_Name', "any_default")
            Model_Name=self.kwargs['Model_Name']).update(No_Of_Hits=F('No_Of_Hits') + 1)

```   <div class="Button_Panel">
                    <a href="{% url 'LaptopApp:Lenovo_Laptop_Details' Lenovo_Laptop_List.Model_Name %}" {{Lenovo_Laptop_List.Model_Name}} class="button"> Details </a>                
I understand that this question might have been asked many times, but somehow I am not able to resolve this issue.
Please try to help me out of this issue who can.
Thanks in Advance to all.

Side note: When posting code here, enclose the code between lines of three backtick - ` characters. That means you will have a line of ```, then your code, then another line of ```. (When posting code from multiple files, it’s generally most useful to do this for each file individually.) This forces the forum software to keep your code properly formatted. This is also the recommended process when posting templates, error messages, and other pre-formatted text.

You don’t need to repost your code. Edit your original post and add the ``` before and after each file’s worth of code.

We’re also going to need the Lenovo_Laptop_Details.html template.

Also in the future please provide the complete traceback when requesting assistance with error messages.

Hi Sir,
Lenovo_Laptop_Details.html is a very huge file. It is around some 4k lines of code and I have not done all the necessary changes there. Will that be fine if I still post it here, so that you can get some idea how my code is working.

We can pass on the full file at the moment.

You’re really close with the backticks, but they need to be lines by themselves. You can’t put them at the beginning or end of lines with any other text.

I do need one item clarified. What view is being rendered when this error occurs? (Not the page that is currently being displayed, but the page that you are going to when the error occurs.) Is it the LenovoLaptopListView or the Lenovo_Laptop_Details?

<div class="container">

                {% for Lenovo_Laptop_Details in Lenovo_Laptop_Detail_Specification %}
                <div class="Header_Panel">
                    <div class="Left_Header_Panel">
                        <div class="Image_Panel">
                            <div class="Thumbnail_Image_Panel">
                                <!-- <div class="Thumbnail_Image_Each_Item_Box"> -->
                                {% for images in Lenovo_Laptop_Details.images.all %}
                                <div class="Thumbnail_Image_Each_Item_Box">
                                    <img id="Thumbnail_Images" src="{{images.image.url}}" alt="" width="30px" height="45px" onmouseover="mousehover(this)">
                                {% endfor %}
                            <div class="Header_Image_Panel">
                                <section class="product-img">
                                    <img id="Laptop_Main_Image" class="image" src="{{Lenovo_Laptop_Details.image.url}}" alt="" width="280px" height="400px">
                                    <div class="magnifier-lens">
                            <div class="magnified-img">
                            <script src="{% static 'LaptopApp/js/zoom_script.js' %}" type="text/javascript"></script>
                                function mousehover(thumbnail_img) {
                                    var mainImage = document.getElementById("Laptop_Main_Image");
                                    mainImage.src = thumbnail_img.src;

This is just the sample code which I have posted here, because the website is not allowing me to post the full file.

HomePage => LaptopsPage => LenovoLaptops.html=>Lenovo_Laptop_Details.html
In LenovoLaptops.html it’s giving the error.
However the point here is that .when I remove the <a> tag in LenovoLaptops.html, the page renders successfullly.

Good! Very good information to have. So what is that a tag in your template?

  <div class="Button_Panel">
       <a href="{% url 'LaptopApp:Lenovo_Laptop_Details' Lenovo_Laptop_List.Model_Name %}" 
        {{Lenovo_Laptop_List.Model_Name}} class="button"> Details </a>

If I remove this div completely from my file, my present page Lenove_Laptop.html renders successfully.

I’ve virtually certain that you do not want {{Lenovo_Laptop_List.Model_Name}} inside that tag.

No I need that , because this page will show me the list of all the Laptops with their Detail Specifications page.

Not inside that tag, no. Between the <a> and </a>, maybe.

In the above picture, as you can see, it’s showing me the list of mobile phones and with the “Details” button option.So I am going to need it .
The strange part is that, things are working fine for the MobilesApp part, but for the LaptopApp part , it is giving problem.

yeah between the <a> and </a>

But that’s not where you have it in the tag you posted. You have it inside the <a> element.

Sir, inside the <a> tag,I am creating the button , so that the user can navigate to the details page of that product. there I am getting the NoReverseMatch error.

You have:

The {{Lenovo_Laptop_List.Model_Name}} is in the wrong place as identified above. You need to remove it from the inside of that <a> element.

At what place it should be then ?