not seeing utc times in gcp

I develop on my Windows laptop running MySql 5.7. When I create an object in the db through django admin or my api, the times are all set to UTC. When I do the same thing on from a django server running on a centos instance in Google Cloud Platform using GCP database server, the times are all local (EDT as the vm and db instances are in us-east-4). are the same. Any help appreciated.

I can see the general trx log on Windows, but I cannot see it in GCP (don’t know how). I know what’s going in though because I can see it in the db after the insert is done.

Tx Dom

What specifically are the timezone-related settings in your file?

Can you connect an external client (using something like what’s described at and look at the table contents directly to verify that what’s stored is stored as UTC?

USE_TZ = True

I’ve looked at tables in both databases and confirmed on my Windows laptop, UTC is stored. In the GCP database, I see local times. I connect with Squirrel through the cloud mysql proxy.

Tx for looking