Official CLI's command to rename an app


I’ve been looking for an official way to rename a Django app, but all I found is this question where there’re several solutions but all of them seem to be dirty and error-prone.
Is there a cleaner way to rename an app? If it’s not the case, It’d be cool to have a command in to make the stuff.

Thanks in advance and sorry about my English

There is no “official” way to do this, because there’s no way to be 100% sure that you’ve caught all the references to the original name. (There are issues like Generic Foreign Keys, application-use of the ContentType framework, and data fixtures in files that can easily mask how they’re used.)

There’s no way to do this that isn’t going to be “dirty” and “error-prone”.

Now, having said that, someone has created a package and pushed it out to - Django Rename App. A brief glance at it shows that it should work in the common/trivial cases.


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Cool! Thank you.
I didn’t realise that It could be too much complex