Okta integration with Django

Did integrate Django with okta and it is correctly authenticating. I can see in okta logs in admin panel. but request is not going to my Django app after successfully login.
Request comes back to login page. would be greatful for kind help.

Going to need a lot more specific details. Will likely need to at least see the relevent views, urls, and settings.

Below are okta config sent for authentication.

“ORG_URL”: “dev.okta.com/”,
“ISSUER”: “dev.okta.com/oauth2/default”,
“CLIENT_ID”: “clientid”,
“CLIENT_SECRET”: “client secret”,
“SCOPES”: “openid profile email offline_access”, # this is the default and can be omitted
“LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL”: “”, # default
“CACHE_PREFIX”: “okta”, # default
“CACHE_ALIAS”: “default”, # default
“PUBLIC_NAMED_URLS”: (), # default
“PUBLIC_URLS”: (), # default
“USE_USERNAME”: False, # default

What it does is, it authenticates the request for okta oidc and should redirects login to my application "

I had to remove http and https ahead of every request as django community was not allowing me to put more than 2 urls

Redirect uri is a callback route of okta. Can you please help? Thanks

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