open a ticket when user open/ download/ update device program

Hi . I want to add new module : I have more than 500 devices from different vendor each vendor have his specific program .I want to create a ticket if the user want to update the existing device program and save after finishing in the data base. the ticket will be closed only if the user have complete the task and save the program with the current date. I have table Called "device"contain as field 1- "Device name " “attachment_Prog”
Please I need your help how to create a ticket. thanks in advance

I’m going to assume that what you’re referring to as a “ticket” would be represented by some model.

So, you’ll want to identify all the information you need associated with that model, create the model, then build your forms and views that will let you process those tickets.

thanks a lot for your prompt replay .
I have already create the models I have 7 tables and i have implemented in my web site different module like update/delete . from dB . statistic , event log ,geomap , etc …
the only problem that I am facing now is to create new module in my web site “ticket”: the user can download the program for different reason (like update pro, add new entry, ) and after some time or days the user have to upload the new program to the web application and close the ticket
My question if there is Django Package can help me for doing this or you have another idea.
please be free if you want me to send you more details /data

If you are looking for pre-existing ticket systems, you can start by looking at Django Packages. They might give you some ideas for a starting point.

Otherwise, what I’m getting from your description is that you need another model - “ticket” - to track the information you need to track about the progress of that ticket. It’s that model that you need to identify what information you need to track, and then proceed with designing and building the forms and views to support it.
(Note: Generalized ticket systems tend toward being complex because of the number of combinations of requirements that people/organizations have for such systems. If this is truly the only function for your system, then it may actually be easier to roll your own than to try and integrate a more full-featured system.)

thanks , yes this exactly what I want and the problem I am not able to track the program after downloading from Django web site

Great! Does that mean you think you have enough to move forward with? Or is there some aspect of this that still isn’t clear?

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thanks a lot for your support