Open docx on client side

Hello guys. I’m trying to create a Django app to open a .docx document on client side, but a know that does not work, one of things that I’ve tried was run a watchdog to open a document when client download it from my file server. But there is others ideas that a should use to open those documents on client site ? I’m trying to open them using Google Docs or other online word editor. Anyone could help me ?

That’s not something you can fully control from the server. (It would be a huge security hole to allow that.) About the best you can do is send the file as a FileResponse, where the user has configured their browser to allow the appropriate application to directly open the file when received.

I can try open automatically when user download the document too, when I use it to open a PDF its works well, but client needs to edit the document. To visualize I can run it in PDF, but to edit those document has been the problem.