optimal field amount per model

I have joined to one project recently, and they have model which has 18 fields :///// Is it normal or not?
Can anyone share with sources containing some info about optimal field amount per model ? Thanks

18 fields are not much. It all depends on you data. I have seen tables with 100 fields/columns in big ERP systems.

There is no rule of thumb.

What are the alternatives?

You could bundle some related fields into a Model which has a one-to-one relationship to your original model. But this has the drawback that you need to create the one-to-one instance somehow. Or you need to check again-and-again in your code for the special case that the one-to-one instance is not there yet. But that is not DRY.

Good luck, Thomas

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User all the number of fields you could need. There is no restriction about it, so just make what you need and if in some point you have a problem, look for a solution.

That said… what could be a problem is maintenance, if you have several models with lot of fields, Metas, methods, etc. It is better to split them is several files inside a “models” directory that will replace the “models.py” file.

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