Oracle Client Issue


I’ve created a simple REST api application using Django.
Oracle 12C is the database server, installed required python package(cx_Oracle) for database connectivity, application works fine on the Django internal web server i.e on http://localhost:8000/. The application is hosted on IIS, I get the following error when accessed through IIS i.e http://localhost:80.
Error: “DPI-1047: Cannot locate a 64-bit Oracle Client library: “The specified module could not be found”. See

Environment & Version:
– Created the application under virtual environment
– Python Version: Python 3.7.3
– asgiref==3.2.10

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Since this works using runserver, I’m guessing that it’s unlikely to be a Django issue. My first reaction to this is that it would be an IIS / Python environment issue. You might find more help in an IIS-specific forum, or possibly even StackOverflow.
(It’s been about 12 years since I’ve configured anything under IIS - I’ve got no useful information to provide.)