Overwrite a method form_valid

Good afternoon Devs, a question:
I have a class based on Django-Bootstrap-Modal-Form/BSModalFormView that inherits from FormView, so far so good, in the form post I’m sent to the form_valid method, in this method I run a pdf rendering class with Pisa!
Everything works perfectly, my problem is that the PDF is generated, but quickly (in terms of seconds) the redirection to the get_success_url happens and my page is updated thus making it impossible to view the pdf.
Question: Is it possible to overwrite the form_valid so that it shows only the generated PDF and does not redirect to get_success_url???

class EmpresaReportView(BSModalFormView):
template_name = ‘report_form.html’

def form_valid(self, form):
    Pdf.get(request, self)

    response = super().form_valid(form)
    return response

def get_success_url(self):
    return reverse_lazy('list_empresas')

class Pdf(View):
def get(request, self):
params = {
‘title’: ‘teste de emissao de relatorio’,
‘today’: ‘variavel today’,
‘sales’: ‘variavel sales’,
‘request’: request,
return Render.render(‘empresas/reports/teste.html’, params, ‘myfile’)

class Render:
def render(path: str, params: dict, filename: str):
template = get_template(path)
html = template.render(params)
response = io.BytesIO()
pdf = pisa.pisaDocument(
io.BytesIO(html.encode(“UTF-8”)), response)
if not pdf.err:
response = HttpResponse(
response.getvalue(), content_type=‘application/pdf’)
response[‘Content-Disposition’] = ‘inline; filename=%s.pdf’ % filename
return response
return HttpResponse(‘Erro na renderização do PDF’, status=400)

If you don’t call super() from within form_valid, it won’t redirect you. You’ll then be responsible for returning an appropriate response.

However, note that “you” (the Django Code) running on the server does not control what the browser does with that response. If the browser responds with a PDF document, it may display it, or it may just save it on the users’ computer.