Packaging my first reusable app

I’ve been using Django for a long time, but have never needed to package a reusable app before. Is the official documentation on this fully up to date, or are there any real-world caveats I should know about?

If it matters, it’s an app that adds a management command that configures a project for deployment. It focuses on Heroku at the moment, but could be expanded to target other platforms as well.

I have never public a Django package, most of the time my projects doesn’t have enough test coverage in order to be consider a quality package, so I am not nearly expert in that subject.

That said I have learn a lot for high quality reusable packages. The Jazz Band repositories are a great start, and if you look for reusable apps and study their code you will have a very good examples.

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It’s pretty up to date. But it doesn’t cover many of the smaller things you might want to add to help package development, such as testing against multiple python/django versions.

Also don’t go with its recommendation to call your module e.g. polls whilst your package is django-polls. Call your module django_polls. There have been too many module collisions in packages in the past.

For the tools I use, check out the repos for the packages I maintain from my projects page, for a simple example see django-htmx. All my projects are consistent and up to date, whilst Jazzband is a bit more variable.

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Thanks, this is really helpful. Most of my work has been for projects that few other developers will look at, and it’s helpful to see a set of projects that are well-organized and consistent.