Pass Data from multiple tables from a view to template...

Hi there, i am still a newbie.-…i am aksing myself, how to perofrm hand over of multiple data throughout ONE view to a template. for ONE table, this is no problem, i am sure, it is also no problem for multible templates, but i am lacking the syntax …

def test(request):

dienstgrad = Dienstgrad_Anrede.objects.all()

titel = Titel.objects.all()

facharztbezeichnung = Facharztbezeichnung.objects.all()

zusatzbezeichnung = Zusatzbezeichnung.objects.all()

zusatzstudium = Zusatzstudium.objects.all()

einsatzbereich = Einsatzbereich.objects.all()

rotation = Rotation.objects.all()

ausbMil = Ausbildung_Militär.objects.all()

ausbZiv = Ausbildung_Zivil.objects.all()

tauglichkeit = Tauglichkeit.objects.all()

mandat = Mandat.objects.all()

berufsgruppe = Berufsgruppe.objects.all()

status = Status.objects.all()

sprache = Sprache.objects.all()

ergebnis = Ergebnis.objects.all()

… this would be the task…how do i get this handed over ?

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You can pass as much data to the rendering engine that you want in the context.

The context is a dict - assign a key:value pair for each of those queries.

(Side note: I might question why you want to this, but that’s a different issue.)

thx for the side note, will respect that in the future. problem is solved meanwhile :slight_smile: