Path help - defaults back to /polls/

At least I think python path might be the issue.

I am trying to learn django and did the official polls tutorial.

I develop using VSC and venv. No matter how I create new folder, venv, activate it and set VSC to use “a fresh python”, when I run “python runserver” it defaults to
There is no reference to /polls/ in the project I am currently working on.

How do I start to fix this?


Could this be an issue with your browser having cached a permanent redirect from an older project?

Try using a “private mode” session, a different browser, or maybe using http://localhost:8000 instead of

Thank you so much. I experienced the browser forwarding me to /polls/, but that is now gone.
I wasn’t even about my Python path, so thank you again! :muscle:
I am leaving my question her for others to learn from. :slightly_smiling_face:

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