Prelaunch: Django PWA Tutorial Series


When I built a Django project which has some PWA features, I found many online resources are outdated, and some are not easy for Django developers to understand.

So I decide to help people with this Django PWA Tutorial Series, it contains 7 blog posts and one open source project on Github.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand what is Web app manifest and how to generate app icons using NPM package.
  2. Learn how to use python-webpack-boilerplate to make Webpack work with Django.
  3. Understand what is Service Worker, and the life cycle.
  4. Learn to develop Service Worker with Workbox packages.
  5. Serve Service Worker in Django.
  6. Use Service worker to cache the offline page, and return cached response when network is not available.
  7. Learn how to use workbox-precaching to precache static assets.
  8. Rewrite the fallback logic with workbox-routing.
  9. Understand what is caching strategy
  10. Learn how to make PWA installable.
  11. Learn the workflow of the Web Push Notification
  12. Understand what is VAPID and how to set it up.
  13. Use django-push-notifications to store the subscription info and send push message on server side.
  14. Learn to use Push API and handle push event in Service worker.


  • Django
  • django-push-notifications
  • python-webpack-boilerplate
  • workbox-webpack-plugin

You can check Django PWA Tutorial to learn more about this tutorial series.