Problem with crispy_bootstrap4 module not found

Hi, I´m new to python Django.
I have a site hosted in pythonanywhere, it’s in production alredy and it seems to be workin fine, however, when i tried to make an enhancement by adding a PQRSF seccion, after createing the model and trying to makemigrations I´ve got error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘crispy_bootstrap4’

This module was installed, the pages have bee rendering fine, but with this error I cannot continue with the migrations.

I uninstall and reinstall the crispy and boostrap4 packages, but it did not resolved the issue.

I cannot see the cause for that problem.

I have the settings as expected in

CRISPY_FORMS_PACK = ‘bootstrap4’



And I am only using it on my templates as in the example below:

{% extends “publicaciones/base.html” %}
{% load crispy_forms_tags %}
{% block content %}

{% csrf_token %} {{ form|crispy }} {{ apartamento_formset.management_form }} {% for form in apartamento_formset %}
{{ form|crispy }} {% if not forloop.first %} Eliminar {% endif %}
{% endfor %} Agregar Apartamento
{% if request.session.acepto_terminos %} Registrate aqui {% else %} Ver Terminos y condiciones {% endif %}
{% endblock content %}

What could be wrong and how coud this be fixed?