Problem with ModelAdmin changelist_view

I am trying to build a custom administration page for my django app and I am having a problem with the changelist_view,

                    def changelist_view(self, request: HttpRequest, extra_context= None):

                        context =  super().changelist_view(request, extra_context)

                        changelist = context.context_data.get("cl")
                        model = changelist.model
                        model_admin: ClassName = changelist.model_admin

                        model_instances = model.objects.all().order_by("-id")
                        paginator = Paginator(model_instances, 10)

                        page = request.GET.get("page")
                            paginated_instances =
                        except PageNotAnInteger:
                            paginated_instances =
                        except EmptyPage:
                            paginated_instances =

                        paginated_objects = {
                            "objects": paginated_instances

                        return super().changelist_view(request, extra_context= paginated_objects)

I ve made use of pagination to reduce the number of object displayed per page. When the changelist page is rendered, it works as intended but the when the next page or previous page link is clicked I get an Attribute error: context.context_data not found