problem with my date

Hello I have a small problem, when I receive my date in json format in my database, the date is correct but the hour is not and I do not understand why

here is the code that receives my date with the answer

ORD.created_at = order["new_state"]["created_at"]



and here is what was recorded in my database

(7:26:26) but normaly its 14:26:26

What is your server timezone?

What about your django settings?, like TIME_ZONE?

What timezone did this “event data” occur in? I would assume at GMT+1 based on the datetime, but …

“time is correct but date is not” → depending on TZ differences, you may encounter cases where “date is wrong and time is wrong”, when the TZ plus or minus shifts your timestamp into a different day :slight_smile:

It’s showing the time in your local time, which is 7 hours ahead of the server time, as identified by the text in grey on the page.