[Proposal] Add more default actions to default User admin page

As mentioned in the title.
I think it would be good to add some additional default actions to default UserAdmin class.

I think the most universal and helpful would be marking user as active/inactive.

I know that this is a small and easy-to-implement change that we can expect anyone interested to implement on their own. But I think that implementing it in the core of Django would save this effort to many developers. This kind of small quality of life improvements makes Django easy my favourite web framework. :slight_smile:

This is a followup to PR: Add action for deactivating selected users to User admin panel by pktiuk · Pull Request #16972 · django/django · GitHub

Thanks for the proposition, however Django Admin is not a universal tool for building an app and adding a new functionality is always controversial (we already have many of them). Also, keeping new actions in your own app is already possible.

-1 from me.



I would also vote against, as this would break if someone is using a custom user model without active field

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Thank you for your feedback.
These are valid points against my proposal.