Protected views can be accessed without any authentication token


I have implemented a simple To-do app for testing JWT authentication in Django.
Here I have used simple-jwt:

And for OTP-based authentication, I have created a custom user model and also overridden the TokenObtainPairSerializer from simple-jwt.

Token routes are working fine but the issue i am facing is

// -------------------------------------------------------------
// @ removed
// -------------------------------------------------------------
def get_todos(request):
    resp = {'status': 200, 'message': 'success'}
        todos = Todo.objects.all()
        serializer = TodoSerializer(todos, many=True)
        resp['count'] = len(
        resp['data'] =

    except Exception as e:
        resp['status'] = 400
        resp['message'] = 'Exception Occered'
        resp['exception'] = str(e)

    return Response(resp)
// -------------------------------------------------------------

// -------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------
path('get-todos/', get_todos, name='get_todos'),
// -------------------------------------------------------------

This route is being accessed without providing an authentication token.

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It appears to me that according to the docs, you need to put the authentication_classes and permission_classes decorators after the api_view decorator.

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Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:
It worked!
Now It’s not being accessed without authentication
but Django should have given some warning messages on that :smiling_face_with_tear:

It really can’t.

The most direct reason is that the Django Rest Framework is a third-party package, and there’s no way that Django could provide that sort of source-code support for all the third-party packages available. This isn’t Django’s issue to address.