Public IP not connecting in AWS EC2 instance after adding rules to accept all ports on HTTP & HTTPS?

I have onfigured all the security groups ports and address, i can connect to the ec2-user from my terminal, i have also read many stackoverflow and blog posts to fix this but when i access it takes a while to load up then it shows This site cannot be reached, i have added many rules to accept ports as you can see below. What might be the best fix for this? I know i am definitely missing something…

enter image description here

Check for any firewall (iptables or ufw) settings on the target system. Also verify that the web server you’re expecting to have running on 80 or 443 are up and running and listening to those ports.

When I try going to that site, the detail message I get is: unexpectedly closed the connection.

This is an indication to me that the server is not accepting connections on port 443.

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Facing the same issue, have pretty much done all the steps that most reliable platforms recommend.

Hoping the DNS propagation from (external) domain provider is causing the issue.

On my associated elastic IP the site works, but not on the domain I am keen to see it on.

Have added record sets, generated certificate, added ACM records.