query postgres jsonb field with django orm when is a list of objects

I have and object similar to his:

"products":[{"cpu":"something here", description:"intel core i9, 30 gb ram"},
{"cpu":"another here", description:"amd raizen, 20 gb ram"}

now i want to search with a “like” something in the description, with direct query on postgres i solve with the next query,

select distinct id from mytable, JSONB_ARRAY_ELEMENTS(jsonfield->'products') products
where products->>'description' like '%raizen'

but now i need to do something similar with django ORM, the only code that i can found is the next one:

bf = mytableobject.objects.filter(jsonfile__products__contains=[{"CPU":"0x3"}]).first()

the code above works just with an exact equals,but i need a like search, i mean, the next code does not work:

bf = mytableobject.objects.filter(jsonfile__products__contains=[{"description":"raizen"}]).first()

I found that i can search specifiying the index , something similar to this:

bf = bucketizerfiles.objects.filter(jsonfile__products__0__description__contains="raizen").first()

in fact this code works, however, i do not know how many products i have in the list and to be honest the solucion of searching index by index is not optimal at all.

so, i want to know if there is a manner to perform a “like” search in a list of object in a jsonfield using django orm

just for clarification, this is not my real information and i do not search in a description, it is just an example of my main problem, avoiding the solution of you need to pass this jsonfield to a structure relation database.

I am not finding any reference or usage of the jsonb_array_elements function within Django. You may need to either write a custom lookup or use a raw sql query for this.