reading multiple selection from checkbox fields

II have a form (poll) with some questions and each question can have two or more answers available. When I try to collect the answers sxelected in the checked boxes using response.POST I receive back a QueryDict with the choices selected but I can`t read them.

Please how do I do to get the choices selected?

If you’re using a Django form, you don’t need to interrogate response.POST - Django will have populated your form field with the selections that were made.

Thanks Ken, I’ll try using Django Forms.

To get the choices selected from a form with multiple checkboxes, you can use the getlist() method of the QueryDict object returned by request.POST . The getlist() method returns a list of values for a given key.

Hi Varsha, Thank you very much for your answer. It really worked.
I’ve also tested Ken’s answer and it worked too.
Thank you both for the help.