Real time data update for crypto currencies

Hi, I have been assigned to an internal project where I have to develop the backend in Django. There are a total of 130 sources to fetch bitcoins’ current value and then store them in the database and also update the same data on the website in real-time whenever the value of any coin changes in real-time at any of the sources out of 130. I have to do this in such a way that the update time and other checks shouldn’t take much longer. Otherwise, the new changes in the meantime will be skipped. Please suggest to me the best approach to do that.

1 - Define “real-time” in your context here.

2 - Are those sources a “push” or “pull”? (Do you need to make requests to those sites to get the current values? Or do you receive some kind of notification of a value change?)

3 - How frequently are you allowed to request those values? Are you going to be rate-limited?

4 - Are you expecting to “push” those updates out to the user’s browsers, or are they going to do a periodic refresh of their page?

5 - How many users are you expecting to support?