Receiver Does Not Trigger Function

In this example code below, if I use the Group from djando.contrib.auth.models, within the same method that created the “listener”, to create a new group, the “listener” works, but I just need to place the call in another method that the “callback” function does not fire.
I tried using the method loop that creates the listener, but it doesn’t work.

import logging

from asgiref.sync import async_to_sync, sync_to_async

from django.dispatch import receiver

from django.contrib.auth.models import Group, Permission

import asyncio

import traceback

class ListenerDataBase():
    async def create_listener(self, methodRESTSignal, ModelDataBase, async_callback):
            O parâmetro async_callback precisa ser uma função assíncrona com 3 parâmetros
        @receiver(methodRESTSignal, sender=ModelDataBase)
        def trigger_async_callback(sender, instance, **kwargs):
            print(f'trigguer_async_call disparada')
            sync_callback = async_to_sync(async_callback)(sender, instance, **kwargs)
        '''if is called here, trigger_async_callback is triggered, but if it is called in another method, it is not.
    async def create_group(self, group_name):
        def wrap_sync(self, group_name):
                group = Group(name=group_name)
            except Exception as e:
                logger.error(f'Error inside wrap_sync -> {traceback.format_exc()}')
        async_create_group = sync_to_async(wrap_sync) # (group_name)
        await async_create_group(self, group_name)
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Maybe create an MWE? I can’t tell what your code is doing from these snippets, but someone else might. Intuitively it does not look like a standard / typical Django code, so more info is needed to help you debug it.