Replicate the request sent to the django app from the browser for logged in user

Hi All,

I have a view that automates a particular task but the task fetches the login information like email address, etc. and it is dependent on other views as well.
So it is absolutely necessary to get the logged-in request object for completing the task.

Now till here everything is fine, but based on a new requirement the task needs to be triggered automatically every fixed interval of time.

But in order to do this, I need to use some task-scheduling libraries while replicating a logged-in user.

Can someone suggest some way of achieving this?

Thanks in advance.

It’s going to be a lot more helpful if you provided the details involved here. If it’s a third-party library that’s involved, specify which one. If it’s a user-written library, identify exactly what that library requires.

I am using pywin32 to extract emails from Outlook and then do some automated tasks and the same processes have views for doing it manually. The automated process indirectly calls those views in order to reuse the code. Moreover DB Locks and placed as there might be scenarios of concurrent users running manual processes and/or automated processes.

So I was trying to replicate the browser request. I tried to pickling it but it did not work.