Reservation system

I’m trying to get a reservation system into my web application. Users must be able to make a reservations for several days. I’m trying to use a DatePicker, but have some questions about the usage.

  • Is it possible to make a Model with start and end date? This seems to be pretty easy, so I will be able to find this out myself.
  • Is it possible to grey (or red) out dates that are already in another reservation?

Thank you in advance

Yes, absolutely.

That depends upon the picker you are going to use. I’m not personally familiar with any pickers allowing you to block out dates, but I’d guess they exist.

Check this JavaScript component:Date Range Picker. You can pick date ranges and it also has a “isInvalidDate” option in which you can define a custom function for filtering the invalid dates. If you have a list of reserved or available dates in your Django response context, you will be able to integrate them into your date picker.