Retrieve data from database without refreshing page

We are in the process of developing a complex ERP application (i.e. migrating desktop based application ) in django. Will need some help on how to achieve goal
User Interface: Goods Receipt
Input : Select Supplier from dropdown
Output : Display address details automatically
Input : Item Number
Output : Display Item details i.e. name, price etc
Input : Enter Quantity
Output : Calculate prices , taxes , total automatically
Is this possible using django.
Has anybody in the community developed this kind of application ?
Will really appreciate your help ,support or point me in right direction.
Thanks in advance

To answer your question – yes, this is possible in Django, but it will involve some processing in your django views and javascript.

As mentioned above, you will need to use some javascript. The fastest way to do this would be to use ajax with jquery. It’s not the best way but if you want something working asap then it’s a good way to go. Otherwise, you can look into a framework like VueJS or React, but this will take much longer to integrate into your project. Here is an example where ajax is used in django templates. Ajax request with django