Reusing form

Is there a standard way to use the same form on several pages.
I have a calendar project and a form I use to turn on or off specific parts of the calendar.
I would like to use the form (and maybe the view too) for both of my html pages horisontal and vertical. Can I use the request object in a clever way or any other check in the view to do this?

A form is a class that is used by a view. You can create instances of your form in any views you wish.

What do you think that you would need to check?

Im sorry. It is not a form. It is a menu bar with links to turn off an on like described. But when the link is clicked I would like to make that change in the db, and reload the page, and with the same links on two pages. Can it measure which the link is on so I can reuse the link “menu” and thereby also the view? Maybe the request object has the info I need?

I’m sorry, it’s not clear to me what you’re trying to describe here.

What is the effect on the page that you are trying to describe? Can you provide more details about what it is you’re looking to do? The simplest example possible would probably be very helpful here.

I went an other route now. No help needed. I made a page seperate to make the change for the other two pagrs. Less dynamic, but it works. :slightly_smiling_face: