Reverse for 'topic_posts' with arguments '(3, '')' not found.

The reverse of '‘topic_posts’ works fine in other places. But it doesn’t work here.
HTML file

<td class="align-middle">
    {% with post=board.get_last_post %}
               <a href="{% url 'topic_posts' %}">
                   By {{ post.created_by.username }} at {{ post.created_at }}
                   id - {{ }} {{ }}
   {% endwith %}

url setting

path('boards/<int:board_id>/topics/<int:topic_id>/', views.topic_posts, name='topic_posts'),
def topic_posts(request, board_id, topic_id):
    topic = get_object_or_404(Topic, board_id=board_id, id=topic_id)
    return render(request, 'topic_posts.html', {'topic': topic})

When I changed the and to integer value , for exmaple 1 and 24, the web would render. I commented <a href="{% url 'topic_posts' %}"> and added {{ }} {{ }} to see if there is an error with the query, turned out there is no problem, it would render 1, 24 on the webpage. Then I tried <a href="{% url 'topic_posts' 24 %}"> It worked fine, but <a href="{% url 'topic_posts' %}"> still won’t work.
Thanks for reading!

The problem is figured out. Post closed.