Running the django test suite

I am using oracle database for running the test suite of django.It is using cx_Oracle in the backend.

Creating test user...
_create_test_user(): username = test_scott
CREATE USER test_scott
               IDENTIFIED BY "vJvhfW2KOOOHcMb2C629iUeO1068GR"
               DEFAULT TABLESPACE test_scott
               TEMPORARY TABLESPACE test_scott_temp
               QUOTA UNLIMITED ON test_scott
                     CREATE TABLE,
                     CREATE SEQUENCE,
                     CREATE PROCEDURE,
                     CREATE TRIGGER
               TO test_scott
Failed (ORA-01031: insufficient privileges)
Got an error creating the test user: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

This queries run fine when i am firing directly to my db but it is giving error while running the script.

So I don’t know too much about the specifics here, but you’ll need to grant write privileges to your DB user on the test DB.

You can check required privileges in the docs.

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