Saving intermediate data?

Hi, everybody. Please tell me what is the best way to keep data between different form.
User inputs some data in Form1, but I am find that user should do some actions before saving data, and i use Form2. User does some choice and I may be should return on Form1 witch must have all data user inputed before.
My idea is to save data into temporaty table.
I am newbie in django and web, sorry if my question is not very clever:) or in not right place.

I’m not sure why you think this data should be in a temporary table. There’s no reason to not store it directly in your database - especially if there’s any valid option for the user to do Form 1, go on to Form 2, and then return at a much later time to Form 1.
I would just save the data in the table supporting Form 1, with some sort of status marker if necessary to indicate whether or not Form 2 still needs to be performed - or whatever the actual data flow is.
(It’s also possible, but not clear from your description, whether or not Form 1 and Form 2 are supposed to save data to the same table or different tables - it doesn’t affect my choice regarding how I design this, but it might affect some details of the implementation.)


Here is idea of my app:
I have an object and its properties which user inputs on the Form1. User just write the properties separated by space. If some of properties are absent in table ‘Properties’ I want to ask user to save it (Form2). If user refuse saving we should return to the Form1 and edit it (and user shouldn’t input object and properties again). If he apply saving we shoud save the object and link it with all inputed properties. So I have model with ‘Object’ and ‘Properties’. Object can have one or many properties.

May be I should use somethink like cookies or session or render data to all form ?
But I like your advice about status in base.Thanks.

The issue with relying upon sessions or cookies is that you’ll lose the data previously entered if the user logs out or moves to a different computer between when they start and when they return to that page.

I just don’t see the advantage of that approach. I don’t know of any benefits of relying upon session for persistent data, and a number of downsides.

Since it’s quite possible that there are reasons and benefits for taking that approach that are unfamiliar to me, maybe if you explain your reasoning in more detail it may become more clear.


Oh, I’m not sure about this approach at all. It is just my idea. Thanks for your help. I will use database flag. May be I will understand this topic better later and make it in other way. I just wanted to know how others do such things. Thanks a lot.