Selenium for functional/integration tests?

Hi all

I see that the google trend for selenium is on the decline

[](https://Selenium Trend)

When it comes to doing functional/integration testing with say a React component that depends on DRF
what are the other alternatives being used in the Django community?


I haven’t done any such testing in a while, but I’ve heard a couple people praising TestCafe, and there’s a “run all the browsers for you” service called browserless that lists several other alternatives in their documentation.

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When you say you haven’t done this testing for a while, is that because you aren’t formally testing your javascript behaviour? Just curious being a noob with testing. Ive never worked in a company that uses Django/DRF?React so I’m curious to find out from the community what approaches they take to test the whole stack.

Thanks for those links really helpful.

Also enjoying your book, its a great read :slight_smile:

I’ve written tests for the frontend application using Jest and mocking up the responses from the server. Then I test the backend by mocking up requests issued to it. I verify the integration manually for most projects, but if I need to formalize it, I would look to selenium or maybe puppeteer.

If the goal is to verify the application on as many browsers as possible, then like Adam suggested looks really good.