Session Timeout on User side

Hi all,
I am trying add a session timeout in my Django project by using Django’s in-built session middleware. I have implemented session timeout on my project using the Views method I have come across for this purpose and it is working on my Admin side, but in my User side, the redirection that I given not working (i.e. I need to log out the user and get back to the signin page after session expires).

My django version : 5.0.2
My python version: 3.12.2

Now it is taking the time and that page will expire but it will not redirect to the signin page. How can I solve this issue?

What are some other approaches we can use for implementing Sessions on Admin & User sides both redirecting to the Signup page and persisting the last page worked on upon logging back in ?


SESSION_COOKIE_AGE = 10  # Set the session timeout to 10 seconds

import time
#from django.conf import settings

def check_session_timeout(request):
   if request.user.is_authenticated:
       last_activity = request.session.get('last_activity')
       if last_activity is not None:
           session_expiry_time = settings.SESSION_COOKIE_AGE
           current_time = time.time()
           if current_time - last_activity > session_expiry_time:
               return LogoutUser
   return None

path('signin/', views.signin, name='signin'),
path('logout/', views.LogoutUser, name='logout'),