Setting up Django, and errors connecting to an SQlite Db

this is the code to set up up django, and I will post the error too that I encounter on the console…

import sqlite3

dataBase = sqlite3.connect(
host = ‘localhost’,
user = ‘Tata’,
passwd = ‘password123’,
#name = ‘BASE_DIR’ ‘db.sqlite3’,

prepare a cursor object

cursorObject = dataBase.cursor()

Replace ‘mydatabase.db’ with the actual path to your database file

database_path = ‘db.sqlite3’

# Create a connection to the SQLite database
connection = sqlite3.connect(database_path)

# Create a cursor object to execute SQL commands
cursor = connection.cursor()

# Now you can execute SQL queries and work with the database using the 'cursor' object

# Don't forget to commit any changes and close the connection when done

except sqlite3.Error as e:
print(“SQLite error:”, e)

create a database

cursorObject.execute(“CREATE DATABASE Mlawudb”)
#print(“All is Done:”) still have problems with DB connection

Here is the Console error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “c:\djangcrm\djangcrm\”, line 3, in
dataBase = sqlite3.connect(
TypeError: Connection() missing required argument ‘database’ (pos 1)

What did I do wrong?

As I’ve understand the situation here you are trying to connect with db.sqlite3, are trying to connect it with Django? If so then you don’t need to do it manually.
If you are new to django then you can go through this tutorial Writing your first Django app, part 1 | Django documentation | Django
It will help you to understand how to setup django project.