Sharing Users table across several Django instances


I am having a master Django running connected 24/7 on a dedicated server.
I have also a lot of small devices running also a django instance that connects from time to time to the Internet to synchronize some tables of their DB, especially the Users one, including the passwords.

All the modifications to the tables to be sync will be done on the master instance.

I am a beginner in Django and not too sure if I can basically copy paste the tables from one instance to the other (salt is the same? If not how to make it the same?)
How am I supposed to approach this issue and what should I be careful about?

Thank you,


If your settings file is the same (primarily the SECRET_KEY parameter) and your versions of Django, etc are the same, then yes, you can replicate your User table across installations and have it work. (We have one system where the User model is loaded from a fixture, with a default password for the defined users. It works fine for us.)