Some CSS styling not loading while others are fine.

Hello everyone.
I encountered a strange problem, I designed some frontend pages for my project using VScode in HTML CSS and JS in a different folder using ‘LIVE SERVER’ extension to monitor my changes an everything was working fine. Then I transferred my working frontend to my django project and some css was loading while the other was not. Then i tried using another laptop and the results were even worse.
What could be the cause of this problem?
I believe in you all. Help me out.

In case you need more details about the project like screenshots or some parts of the code, feel free to let me know.

Please clarify here. Do you have CSS files that are not loading, or do you have css directives within a file that are not being applied?

CSS directives within a file that are not being applied.

Probably the best place to start then would be to look at the page as it exists in the browser, using the browser’s developer tools, to see what css is being applied to the elements that aren’t being rendered correctly. From there you would see what selectors are being applied and from which files.

Then it’s just an issue of organizing your css files and directives to ensure that the desired directives are being applied to those elements.

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