Something wrong about rendering page in Site administration page


I found something wrong about rendering the page in Site administration page.
Once I clicked on add or change link as the screen below
The scale width is over than usual.

I lost focus for data entry As a result, I need to zoom out the browser from 100% to 75% 50% 30%… in order to be able to fill out data.

What is happening and how to fix it

Thank you.

I have seen this happen when there are cached css files from a different version of Django. Try doing a “hard refresh”. (Shift f5 or shift-refresh)

Yes , I pretty much forgot that I reinstalled django from 3.0 to 3.1 in past two days

My this django project has been orginally created from django 3.0.

I try to shift_F5 it appear below.

1.As my understanding , is it a newer css for django 3.1?
2. Do I have to do Shift f5 once? after that, Can I run this project within Django 3.1 instead? (I have done already , it is above picture)

I believe it’s more than just newer css, there are new templates and other functionality as well.

Yes, you should only need to do the shift-f5 one time (perhaps once per browser, if you use a combination of different browsers).

Your browser caches css and js files within itself to keep from repeatedly retrieving the same data for every page. When you make changes to something like a CSS file, your browser doesn’t know that the file has changed. Shift-f5 forces the browser to re-read all those files. Once the browser has the newer files, it doesn’t need to re-read them until they change again.

So I should new project with Django 3.1 instead? I will move files from 3.0 to 3.1 new project
Do you have any idea?

I’m not understanding what you’re asking.

It looks like the admin page you showed in your last message is working perfectly.

Are you still having some problem?

I mean that Practically if I created Django project on the older version ( like 3.0) and I move it to run on a newer version (like 3.1).

As your experiences, Is there any problem or additional configuration apart from CSS file like my current topic?

You always want to look at the release notes for any new release you’re going to implement. The Django team really works hard to avoid surprises during the upgrade process, but it can require some effort on your part to ensure problems don’t occur.

There’s even an Upgrade Guide in the docs to help you along.

Thank you for great support.