Starting a Django project and installed app not found while using `makemigrations`

Hey all, starting a new project and running into an issue making migrations as Django doesn’t seem to include my added app of itinerary even though it is clearly in INSTALLED_APPS. This is what happens when trying to makemigrations. It also doesn’t work when not specifying an app.

(venv-travelapp) travelapp_backend % python makemigrations itinerary

No installed app with label 'itinerary'.

I have no issues running the server, so this is very strange. I have tried a venv with python 3.12.3 and 3.10.4 with the same issue above. I’m using Django 5.0.6 and haven’t seen any issues around this online so it must be something i’m doing wrong on my machine. Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome @mbegur !

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What are the contents of your itinerary/ file?