Static folder

I’m using hostinger to host my site but my website is not showing any pictures or any css configuration I’m new in deployment help me

Which hostinger plan and service are you using?

There’s another (recent) thread here where someone has reported that hostinger support told them that they don’t support Django in their hosted environment, and that they should use a VPS.

I’m using VPS of hostinger

Have you read How to deploy Django | Django documentation | Django?

Have you worked your way through the Deployment checklist | Django documentation | Django?

What web server are you using? (Nginx? Apache? something else?)

What wsgi container are you using? (uwsgi? gunicorn? something else?)

What is your complete web server configuration for your project? (Not just the proxy components, but also the directives to handle the static and media files.)

What are your STATIC and MEDIA related settings in your