Store cart_id in django sessions and access anywhere in django project

I am using django sessions for cart Class, now i want to set/store cart_id in session and want to retrieve cart_id whenever it required for passing through url to other views

class Cart(object):
    def __init__(self, request, cart_id=None):
        self.session = request.session
        self.cart_id = cart_id or 1 # Add a cart_id to identify different carts
        self.cart_key = f'cart_{self.cart_id}'  # Use cart_id to create a unique cart key
        self.cart = self.session.get(self.cart_key, {})
        if not self.cart:
            self.cart = self.session[self.cart_key] = {}

    def add(self, product, quantity, update_quantity):
        product_id = str(
        if product_id not in self.cart:
            self.cart[product_id] = {'quantity': 1.0, 'price': str(product.price), 'tax': str(}
            self.cart[product_id]['quantity'] = str(float(self.cart[product_id]['quantity']) + quantity)

    def save(self):
        self.session[self.cart_key] = self.cart
        self.session.modified = True

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