Strange Error: Connection refused on browser on Windowa10

Hi everyone,

First of all, don’t think that I have no ideas how to run django or install or even set of django projects. But I am abruptly encountering a strange error, running django on any port refused to connect on browsers installed on my Windows10. Although my wsl2 is mounted to Windows to access the wsl file directly from windows folder map and all enabled wsl services are visible on CMD with ports if you just check it with e.g. netstat -ano -p tcp.

It is a first time I have such issue since I build some internal webcheets with django, and by surfing on the internet I read that some people had same issue, but the solution for that no-where is provided.
Django version 4.1.9
WSL2- Ubuntu 22.0
Python 3.10.6

I would like to know what might cause it suddenly to block django on browser when you were running it on your machine yesterday.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi all,

Thanks everyone.

It looks like the issue I described above is solved by itself. I do not know what was causing it, but after taking a bit break and checking the runserver indicated everything works as previously.

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