Templates/ css not found

I am new with learning Django, this is my first app, but i am blocked in this moment as I am not sure what I did wrong.

You mention that this is your first app, have you worked your way through either the official Django tutorial or the Django Girls tutorial?

If you’re looking for assistance here, you’re going to need to provide a lot more details about your project and the nature of the issue you’re facing. To start, we’ll need to see the complete error message you’re receiving. We’ll probably also need to see your template that is causing this error, along with your TEMPLATES settings in your settings file and a description of your directory structure for your project.

class PlannerHomeView(LoginRequiredMixin, RedirectView):
context = {}
def get(self,request):
return render(request,‘home1.html’)

class RecipeView(LoginRequiredMixin, View):
def get(self, request):
recipes = Recipes.objects.all()
context = {‘recipes’: recipes}
return render(request, ‘static/planner_day.css’, context)

class MenusListView(ListView):
model = Menus
context_object_name = ‘menus’
template_name = “static/account.css”

app_name =‘planner’
urlpatterns = [
path(‘RecipeView’, views.RecipeView.as_view(), name=‘dayrecipe’),
path(‘PlannerHomeView’,views.PlannerHomeView.as_view(), name=‘account’),
path(‘MenusListView’, views.MenusListView.as_view(), name=‘planner_day’),


class DayRecipe(models.Model):

(BREAKFAST, ‘Breakfast’),
(LUNCH, ‘Lunch’),
(DINNER, ‘Dinner’),

day = models.DateField()
recipe_id = models.ForeignKey(‘catalog.Recipes’, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
meal_plan = models.CharField(max_length = 150, default=DINNER)

def unicode(self):
return self.day.date.isoformat() + ’ - ’ + self.recipe.unicode()

class Menus(models.Model):

def self():
return self.meal_plan

class DayRecipeForm(forms.ModelForm):
day = forms.DateField()
recipe_id = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=DayRecipe.objects.all(),

class Meta:
model = DayRecipe
fields = “all
def init(self,*args,**kwargs):
self.date = kwargs.pop(‘date’, None)
self.meal = kwargs.pop(‘meal’, 0)
user = kwargs.pop(‘user’, None)

         self.fields['recipe'].queryset = Recipe.objects.filter(user__username=user)

class MenusForm(forms.ModelForm):
model = Menus
fields = (‘meal_plann’,‘personal_details’,‘dietary_requirments’,‘calories’)

i have account.css and planner_day.css and home1.html.



Ok, this is a good start, but it’s not quite enough -

  • Have you worked through either of the listed Django tutorials?

  • We still need a more precise statement of what the problem is.

    • Are you getting some error message?
    • Is something happening that you’re not expecting to have happen?
    • Is something not happening that you’re expecting to see happen?
  • We need to see the appropriate parts of your settings files.

  • When you’re posting code, templates, error messages, etc, please post it between lines of three backtick - ` characters. That means you’ll have a line of ```, then your code (or template, etc), then another line of ```. This forces the forum software to maintain the proper formatting of that code.

  • Please do not post images of code or templates. Copy/paste the code or template into the body of your message (surrounded by lines of ``` as appropriate).

  • We don’t need to see all the code in your project. Even if you’re having a problem across your entire project, it’s a lot easier to deal with a subset that demonstrates the issue. Pick one view, template, model, app, etc where the problem exists. If there’s something wrong across the entire project, then the solution provided for that sample should be good for the rest of your project.