Testing Django beta downgrades several dependencies

Our project runs Django v5.0.6 successfully in production.

When I attempt to test the project on Django v5.1.0-beta-1 several key dependencies are downgraded. Why the downgrades?

django-celery-beat: 2.6.0 --> 2.1.0
django-honeypot: 1.2.0 --> 0.9.0
django-tenants: 3.6.1 --> 1.1.6
django-timezone-field: 6.1.0 --> 4.2.3
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As you’ve identified from those links, those are all third-party projects.

These aren’t Django issues - it’s up to the maintainers of those projects to update them as appropriate.

(It is not that Django depends upon a specific version of those packages, it is that those packages depend upon specific versions of Django.)

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Thanks. I am starting to understand that Upper Bound Version Constraints do not scale to large numbers of dependencies… Should You Use Upper Bound Version Constraints? -