This site can’t be reached

hi i have been doing Django Tutorial 02 i have done every thing and after I run $ python runserver
I get this message " Starting development server at" but when I open a new tab in my browser and paste this link there I get “This site can’t be reached”

Anyone Can help me with solving this problem ? I would be greatfull

most likely a firewall problem, are you using django in a corporate environment, or at home?

im using home version i think and I got my firewall and anti virus totally off

Try a different port such as 8000 or 8888 or something like that. It’s possible you have a different program running that is sitting on 8080.
e.g. runserver localhost:8000

Tried it and even changed the default port but its still the same

And you’re running this locally on your PC, right? Are you running it from the command shell, PowerShell, or somewhere else?

Thanks for your help sir . tried another port and it worked!

hello, how do you solve the problem, Im having the same issues also

@JETA-Comms If you’re looking for assistance, I suggest you open a new thread to discuss this. When you do, please include details of your environment such as the operating system you are using, what versions of Python and Django are involved, and the output from your runserver command.