Translations Locale - Makemessages only process files from the app folder

I have used the makemessages command over and over in this project, exact same command each time.
However it suddenly started processing only the files from the app folder, removing all the other translations that were in there before. When running the command it works fine no errors are displayed.

Command: python makemessages -l nl --settings=[app folder] -i venv

Some of the things I tried so far:
(1) I have tried using the alternative django-admin makemessages -l nl -i 'venv/*' command but the result is the same.
(2) Used the --keep-pot option to see if there is anything in the temporary .pot fie that indicates a problem, it did not show any indications of a problem.
(3) On StackOverflow someone suggested running the command from the app folder. Tried it and did also not resolve the issue
(4) I checked if something changed in my settings file like the locale, middleware or any other relevant settings that might have changed between working and not working anymore. No changes to settings file in that period.

Searching Google and asking ChatGPT/Bard did not result in anything useful so I am hoping someone here has some idea of how I can resolve and/or analyse this issue.